What Happens When I Subscribe?

When you click the sign up button to subscribe to Life Scribe Media you are taken to a PayPal gateway where you either login in to your current PayPal account or you create a new account. The reason we use PayPal subscriptions is because this puts you in control of your own subscription. When you no longer wish to be subscribed to Life Scribe Media you can easily cancel your recurring payment within your own PayPal account. Please note however that when you cancel your membership, PayPal automatically revokes your login to Life Scribe Media Services.

After you complete payment through PayPal, you will receive an email from Life Scribe Media to your default email on your PayPal account in order to create your new Life Scribe Media member login.

You will use this login at the “Subscriber Login” tab on our navigation bar or you can just click here.

After logging in every product you visit will have download links added to each individual product’s page giving you fast and easy access to your downloads.

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Email Registration

The email for completing your registration automatically goes to the paypal holders email. If you didn’t receive this email, Email us at info@lifescribemedia.com and we will send it to your current email. If you need any help completing the registration, we can resend the create login email to you or if you need we can complete the registration for you.