Creative Church Media

Church media for the creative church including church videos like worship media backgrounds, countdown timers and title animations for use in softwares like pro presenter, media shout and easy worship.

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We mix creativity with eclectic, modern church media designs to give your church a visual worship experience that is professional, uplifting, and engaging. We provide high quality creative church videos including worship backgrounds, title animations, and countdown timers.

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Life Scribe Media is a provider of worship media for churches. We create motion background loops to use behind worship lyrics during church services. Life Scribe Media also creates countdown service timers to prepare your church congregation for the beginning of service. This helps everyone get to their seats in a timely fashion. Title slides are also a big part of what Life Scribe Media provides including welcome slides, service closing slides, announcements and events slides, and offering slides. In larger extended theme packs there are also silence your phone slides, baptism slides, Life Groups slide, and volunteer push slides. These are included in collections called theme packs. Theme packs are large collections of church media visuals including worship loops, titles slides, and a countdown preservice timer. Theme packs help keep the entire church service media in a unified professional style. Life Scribe Media also offers an affordable annual subscription solution to save of costs for your church while still providing new and fresh church media on a regular basis in your services.

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Creative Church Media

Creative church media including church videos like worship media, countdown timers and title animations.